Political Science research: mapping the future and understanding new challenges

For the First IAPSS Annual Academic Conference, jointly organized by the International Association for Political Science Students and The Romanian Center for Global Studies:
Political Science research in the XXIth century
Mapping the future – understanding new challenges
The organizers propose eight panels, a general overview of current policy issues in world and domestic affairs. Thus the paper submitted should address one of the topics below:
    1.      The New Anti-Americanism
    2.      Conflict Prevention And Resolution ( Regional Conflicts )
    3.      Wider Europe
    4.      Political Participation
    5.      Political parties
    6.      Euro skepticism   
    7.      New challenges in international security
    8.      Right-wing extremism – comparative perspective
The International Association for Political Science Students is a worldwide organization with member associations and individual members in almost forty countries. Our foreseen mission is to generate and promote opportunities for full actualization of political science students cooperating through a global communication network.

The First IAPSS Annual Academic Conference represents an opportunity for every political science student to freely express his beliefs and perspectives, within a framework of policy research provided by CRSG. This project will occasion the presenting of academic papers elaborated by students worldwide with both academic and policy concerns. Workshops are meant to offer a deeper perspective into the topics approached by the panels.
The Romanian Center for Global Studies (CRSG) is a Romanian think-tank created by a group of young Romanian IR researchers, graduates of Western Europe and North American universities, who joined forces to bring their international expertise within the domestic debate on relevant international affairs. The Center functions under the guidance of leading Romanian and international IR policy experts.  By co-organizing this event, CRSG aims at integrating academic interests of political science students into relevant policy debate both in Romania and abroad.
The best papers in each panel will be published in a special edition of Politikon – the IAPSS Journal and on the website of CRSG. CRSG will offer a prize to the best policy paper on IR or foreign policy analysis.
The requirements for the academic papers are:
• English language   
• A half page abstract
• A draft of minimum of 15 pages written in Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 lines
• Bibliography (minimum 5 references, see the rules for references in the attached document.
An abstract is expected by the 21st of October 2004. On the 25th of October you will have the final answer regarding the acceptance. The paper is expected by 1st of December 2004. The abstract and draft papers should be submitted at the following e-mail address: [email protected]